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Sam is a high school student in Virginia that became interested in politics at the young age of ten during the 2016 presidential election. In the  summer of 2019 Sam worked on his first campaign and has been working on campaigns ever since totaling to 11 campaigns ranging from Board of Supervisors to Presidential. In 2020 Sam was accepted into the Virginia Senate Page Leadership Program in Richmond, Virginia. After completing the program Sam started his own Turning Point USA chapter at his high school and later became the High School Coordinator for TPUSA for the Commonwealth territory. After starting the chapter Sam created Rant World Conservative Podcast that has been ranked as high as the top 150 in the world for podcasts about government. In the summer of 2021 Sam completed the University of Virginia's Sorensen Institute for High School Leaders. Sam now also serves as the Development Director of the National High School Republican Federation and the Vice-Chair of the High School Republican Federation of Virginia. 

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