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The NEA is Poisoning the Education System.

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Writen by Sam Widener

When people first hear of the National Education Association(NEA) they initially think the organization is bi-partisan advocating for the common good of students and teachers across the nation. This could not be further from the truth. The NEA is a leftist politically motivated organization that desires to force its opinions on students in public schools. The sad part is that most people supporting the organization do not even know what they are supporting.

The NEA is active in political races across the US and the legislative branch of government, advocating for policy. However, the organization only supports the candidates running on the Democratic ticket. In 2021 the Virginia Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and the House of Delegates democrat candidates were endorsed by the Virginia Education Association(VEA). Click here to see the list of endorsements.

The NEA also supports the Black Lives Matter movement. The organization specifically supports the movement, Black Lives Matter at School. As many conservatives have stated, BLM is a communist organization. BLM supports the elimination of the nuclear family, Communist leaders, and community-style living. Similarly, both the NEA and BLM support the abolishment of School Resource Officers resulting in schools becoming less safe.

Do you remember when a young female was sexually assaulted in a public school restroom? The NEA is actively pushing policies that would cause these things to happen to other young females across the nation. Refusing to believe the fact a person can not change their gender. Especially at the age of a high school student or younger.

Students go to school to receive an education rather than indoctrination. The National Education Association and the Virginia Education Association have no place in public schools.

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