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What Are Your Pronouns?


Written by Sam Widener

What are your pronouns? Unfortunately, this is a question that is commonly asked in 2022 due to the non-sense belief that a person can magically change his or her gender. At one point in America, not knowing what gender you are was considered to be a mental condition known as, Gender Dysphoria. Now, it is thought of to be just another day in paradise if you want to become the opposite gender and everyone else is forced to concur with you or they may be investigated for sexual harassment. Believe it or not, this actually happened to three middle school students in the state of Wisconsin for simply not calling their classmates by their preferred gender pronouns.

In 2020 the Virginia General Assembly created a law to allow students to use the restroom, locker room and changing facility of their choice. As a result, a teenage girl was sexually assaulted in a Loudoun County, Virginia public school. As you can imagine this received a good amount of news coverage as it happened just months before the 2021 Gubernatorial election. Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia has since then made an effort to remove some of these policies. He believes a student must use the restroom that aligns with their biological sex rather than their preferred gender. He also stated a parent must consent to the student's preferred gendered pronouns if they are different from their biological pronouns. Liberals however are making a move to file lawsuits against the Governor for doing this. The lawsuit is being pushed by the first transgender member of the Virginia General Assembly, Danica Roem.

Here is the truth, we are now living in a society that truly believes a person can be anything they want to be as far as their gender is concerned, even an animal. We must continue to push back against this liberal agenda that affects you, your children, and all of those around you. The policies that are currently in place in the state of Virginia do not only allow for students to use the restroom of their choice but also allow for the expulsion of gender-specific activities such as father-daughter dances and prom king and queen.

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